amw (amw) wrote,

I broke my car!

God fucking damnit. So today i thought let's go to Ikea and find a desk so my back doesn't hurt like hell every time i sit here. Drive down to Springwood and wander round and eventually find a sweet desk and chair combo for $200. Expensive, but cheaper than most of the stuff i was looking at elsewhere. Put it in the trunk and start driving out of Ikea. There's a weird road there where i needed to turn right, the opposite street was on a merge angle, not a right angle, so i figured they had a seperate light or a free left turn. No dice. Drive out on the green and suddenly two cars from the opposite side hang a right and are coming straight at me. Hit the brakes, no problem, i wasn't really that far out. Of course then i was stuck in the middle of the intersection and cars were turning from another angle too (just how many green lights were there?) so i thought alright i'll just get out of the way quickly. Rev it up and dump the clutch, burn out, zoom off, and now i can't fucking change gears any more. Clutch is dead. So thanks to my stupid maneuver i now have a car in Springwood to get its clutch replaced (no way i was paying for a tow truck back here). And no car till Monday evening. And no desk either. And probably a few hundred MORE out of pocket. FUCK! I had this bad feeling i should've gotten the whole clutch replaced a few months ago, not just the throwout bearing. Damnit. Yeah. So that sucks. I could've bought a nice desk and... i dunno, a bookshelf or something too for what it'll cost me now. And Logan City Council can bite my ass for making a shitty intersection. And i'm gonna mope around for the rest of the day for dumping the clutch when i should've known better. Ugh.
Tags: car

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