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So, there have been tons of terror attacks, mass shootings and natural disasters since i had a Facebook. But i never really got majorly affected by them, not even the recent attack in the Christmas market in Berlin. I mean, who of my friends would ever go to a Christmas market? (Or visit West Berlin for that matter?) I was a bit worried about the NYE nightclub shooting in Istanbul since i knew a couple people who were in town partying that weekend, but turns out it was a bit more of a fancy nightclub than the durty techno joints my crew would frequent. A few weeks before that i lost some second-degree friends at the fire during the warehouse rave in Oakland. The gay club shooting in Orlando last year also upset me, but it was less personal because i don't know anyone in Florida.

But BPM festival. Dude. That is probably the most attended festival in the world by Toronto ravers. Not to mention the Mexican ravers and European ravers i know who had made the trip. At least 15 people on my friends list were there, and probably hundreds of second-degree friends. I just found out when i got home a minute ago. I scrolled down my feed with a lump in my throat terrified that one of my friends would be confirmed dead. Turns out one of the dead is a second-degree friend, and hopefully that's all. Goddamn, that was the most horrifying Facebook scroll i ever did.

I can't imagine what it must feel like to live somewhere where terror attacks or gun violence are a daily thing. Where this feeling happens all the time. I mean, i guess you would get used to it. But, Jesus Christ, no one should have to get used to this.

Side note, why does 5 people dying at a rave where friends of mine attended hurt more than 50+ people dying in some other place i have never been and no one i know ever goes? Well, i guess that's called being a human being. We are screwy.

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