amw (amw) wrote,

Guess i should update...

I know y'all miss me if i don't. Heh. I set my desk up last Monday after i picked up the car and just today i did the big job of plugging in all my synthesizers again. So my room is no longer a big mess of boxes, instead it's just cables hanging everywhere. I also got DSL hooked up, which has been nice. I am also a big dork for paying the car repair with cash, because right now i have about $10 left till Thursday. Car is fully tanked and fridge is about 3/4 stocked, though, so i'm hoping i'll survive.

Yes today was the Do Shit day. Washed the car, set up my synths, vacuumed, laundry... And of course the washer has died here too. I have the washer curse! But apparently it's been kinda dying recently and just last night it gave up altogether. So handwashing was the go, and the coldass weather right now is going to leave my clothes wet overnight. Lameness.

And tomorrow i quit smoking. Or at least, i'm going to try to not smoke for a day. It's world no smoking day or something and the TV here is pummeling shit left and right every ad break. Our militaristic left wing state government has decided smoking should be banned in clubs and bars, as well as on certain tourist beaches... I won't start ranting on that lunacy right now, but either way i know T wants to quit smoking too and i'd like to kinda support her in that, even though we're thousands of miles apart. In reality i'll be happy to get down to a pack a week. I do enjoy a cigarette after coffee and with a beer, but it would be nice to pass on all the others. And if it saves me $100 a fortnight too then that will just kick ass.

How much more bland shit could i write here? My ear has been blocked and i'm taking anti-histamines to try fix it. My study materials for college haven't arrived yet and it's bugging me. It's teh cold. The mechanics stole my oily rag out of the car that i used to wipe dew off the windscreen. My bed is so damn comfortable it's not funny. I miss T. I am going to bake a walnut brownie. Hope everyone is digging their long weekend :-)
Tags: my boring life, sick

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