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great music from celluloid and silicon
It would be remiss of me to not post a link to that album i mentioned a minute ago - the "pro" version of the Dune soundtrack by Stéphane Picq.

Exxos - Dune: Spice Opera

Since this album has been deleted, anyone who wants 320kbps MP3 rips let me know. I still have the original CD somewhere in Canada and one day i can probably upload a lossless version if no one else did already.

Also, since i am drunk, here is some other game music everyone should listen to.

Alexander Brandon - The Synapse (Hong Kong Streets) [from Deus Ex]

Alexander Brandon - NYC Streets [from Deus Ex]

And some film music from the god of scoring and master of the Prophet 5 synthesizer.

John Carpenter - Main Title [from Escape From New York]

John Carpenter - The President Is Gone [from Escape From New York]

I could go on posting John Carpenter forever. Instead here is some utterly predictable nonsense that every techno fan and their kid can post to seem like they are down with the old school. Hell, it's still a good song.

Giorgio Moroder - The Chase [from Midnight Express]

All scores should be dirty, sleazy and feature nasty synthesizers. That is all.

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the deus ex soundtrack is one of my favorites for work background music. also, weirdly, the tron soundtrack - which, double weird, is awesome when i'm working out.

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