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"have a nice life"

Is there a more fatalistic - or honest - goodbye? As a compulsive traveler I have heard it many, many times. Let's not kid around. We will never see one another again. Have a nice life.

I managed to donate all of my stuff except for two rugs, a small rolling shelf, a bunch of glasses I got for free with bottles of liquor and a frying pan. Writing up my "zu verschenken" sign on a bit of cardboard made me feel like free, like a hobo. Perhaps I should start hitch-hiking. I am now drinking my last bottle of Rotkäppchen in my bare, happy house. I was happy here.

Apparently I am now a lightweight. At least, compared to a bit over a year ago when I was downing two bottles and going to work the next day. Good times, good times. I hope I wake up for 9am tomorrow when someone comes to pick up the last blankets for her kids, and 11am when I have to hand over the keys.

Excuse me while I don't care for a moment, though.

We're all quite sane.

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Happy House
Tags: alcoholism, crazy, freedom, i am durnk, travel

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