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as soon as we started to move

I am currently sitting at Vienna central station watching croissants getting wrapped up for hungry Easter Sunday travelers. Why am i not among them? Because the ticket agent convinced me to take the 14:30 instead of the 12:30. It didn't take a lot of convincing. In exchange for 2 hours of waiting i saved 60€ on the ticket price. Sure, i'll roll into Ljubljana in the dark, and will stumble my way blindly across town to find my guesthouse, but that's part of the experience, right?

Walking along the platform from the tram stop to the ticket agent, i finally felt like i was getting started. Prague was not really the same because i knew it was just a pitstop on the way to dad's and a city i already knew reasonably well. Now i am traveling light and headed for a city i have never been and a country i previously only passed through on the way to Croatia.

This morning i got pretty mercenary with what i took with me and - unfortunately - left a bunch of books behind. If i'm going to travel lean and mean, i'll have to leverage that Kindle. I still think i have too much with me - a 65L pack and a drawstring bag. By time i get to Piraeus i would like to be able to fit everything in the pack. Finishing two of the three books i still have with me and donating them would be a start. I am tempted to toss one of my two pairs of shoes too, since they are on their last legs.

If shoes had legs we'd never have to walk...

What should be my last hurrah in the DACH (Germany/Austria/Switzerland)? In a couple of hours i will be heading out to countries where i can barely speak the language, where i will be a complete clueless foreigner. What would you do if it were your last 2 hours?

One of the first things i ate when i came to Germany was a Schinken-Käse-Croissant - a croissant with ham and cheese baked into it. Very Not Vegan™, but it was one of my favorite snacks for a while. Great train station food. Drink a beer? I guess that's a good call, since Italy and Greece aren't exactly known for beer. Do Slovenians drink beer? Listen to some techno music? God knows it will be a culture shock to go back to countries where rock music gets played in public, but i think the whole of Europe is happily onboard with electronic music as the default music. Eat a wurst? Maybe just a pretzel.

Or perhaps, like when i left Berlin, just go and don't look back. This verse is over for me. Perhaps there will be reprise, perhaps not. No point getting sentimental when there is so much ahead. I'm finally free again.

Shannon - Let The Music Play
Tags: freedom, travel

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