amw (amw) wrote,

Keep rollin' rollin' rollin'...

Yeah. I've been so fuckin busy. Work has been kicking my ass Monday to Friday, school has been finishing the job on the weekends. My car is at the mechanic and i haven't been able to do proper shopping or anything for a couple of weeks now. Going to work on the bus is getting more stressful by the day, and with commute i'm "working" almost 12 hours a day. Today i woke up at 10am and sat behind the computer doing PHP and C++ for school till 7pm. Watched some TV and now i need to sleep. Tomorrow i have more school work to do. Monday i might get my car back, but knowing my mechanic it's not gonna happen. Fuckers. I need a vacation.

Sooo i wanted to take a break and i got a ticket to see Steve Vai, not knowing when i bought it that he's playing on a Tuesday night. Who the hell goes out on Tuesday night? Me, i guess, in 10 days or so. I hardly ever go to rock shows, it's never really been my thing... so this weeknight club gig better fuckin kick holy papal ass. I also got tickets to Smackdown, they're doing a house show in Brisbane in August. In yet another ticket-buying blunder, i waited till Tuesday evening to buy the tickets when they went on sale Monday morning. 3/4 of the arena was already sold out. Fuckin a. If it was just me going i would've said screw it and gotten a $175 ticket instead of an $85 ticket (front row is $375), but (luckily?) i have friends coming who are a little more sane than me. And duuuude, Rico better be healed up in time to come here coz i'm like his biggest fan eva n shit.

Ah yes, friends, now i remember. I used to go out once upon a time. You know. Raves and shit. Seems like a million years ago because my life over the past couple months has consisted solely of working sleeping and eating. And paying bills. I can just see me in a couple months going hey fuck i knocked a grand off my credit cards and then having to fork out the next $800 for another quarter of college. Jesus Christ. But anyway yeah. I feel like i've been neglecting people. I'm not calling anyone, not emailing anyone, not SMSing anyone, not writing in this journal, nothing. It's shit. I feel bad and i don't know what to do because work and school are both responsibilities you know, i have to get it done. I want to fly away to be with T again and i don't even know how i'm going to pay for college much less a plane ticket and wonderous gifts and supersexysecret birthday plans. Ugh. Need money, need vacation but most of all i need sleep. So off to bed i go and i will see all of y'all later.
Tags: i am a hermit, my boring life, wrestling

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