amw (amw) wrote,

On Italy, and kebabs

Several times when typing up my rants about the sorry state of food in Italy i wondered if i might be too quick to judge the place, given i only visited certain parts of the country and only spent about 10 days there. And then yesterday evening i opened up the Guardian and read this article: Venice bans kebab shops to ‘preserve decorum and traditions' of city.

Vindicated! So it was not just my imagination that Italians were uniquely parochial in Europe, even going so far in their bureaucratic small-mindedness as to pass xenophobic laws limiting the types of food sold in neighborhood restaurants. I am all for celebrating local cuisine and promoting sustainable consumption, but this sort of thing is so deliberately regressive i can barely believe it's reality. This is not how to build an inclusive Europe.

Update on the travelogue - i do have a few notes already from Athens, but i will compile those later this weekend. Right now i am hungry. And, because i am not in Italy, i am looking forward to choosing from a wide selection of restaurants that are open all day and serve delicious food from all over the world.
Tags: food, politics

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