amw (amw) wrote,

Antifa and Cherries

The Temple of Poseidon was great, i think the best archaeological site i have visited yet. Walking to the southern-most tip of Europe (except, oops - i forgot the Peleponnese) was even better. But climbing down the cliff face to paddle my feet in the Aegean? That was the best.

I decided not to leave my sneakers as a sacrifice. Dumping garbage in nature is shitty. Plus after passing another shantytown - right next to luxury hotels - on the route south, i thought it would be better to leave this stuff somewhere downtown where someone who might need it can pick it up. I am sure Poseidon will understand.

My last meal in Berlin was a vegan burger at a Friedrichshain punk joint. My last meal in Europe is a vegan souvlaki at an Exarchia co-op. These humble places that serve up affordable, sustainable and - most importantly - delicious food make up the heart and soul of every city, imo. Diverse, inclusive, local. That's how you build communities. Segregation - of race, class, gender - must be smashed. If Toronto woke me up to that, the best cities of Europe have driven it home. These memories, these lessons are what i will bring with me.

Let's see what 3 weeks at sea and then the Far East has to offer.
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