amw (amw) wrote,


I feel like i need to wash my eyes out with soap. Monday night is chronic for shit TV here, with only Oz at 10pm that's worth watching. So flicking channels tonight i happened upon that infamous mug of Michael Moore. He annoyed me when they had his TV show on before South Park in 99 and he's annoyed me ever since with his various public exhibitions of smarmy propaganda. But i made myself watch the movie, because most of my friends have watched it and thought it was great. Oh my fucking Christ, what an ass that man is. I almost drove my fist through the TV. He's such a biased spin artist it makes me sick. His direction is so unashamedly misleading, manipulative and sensationalist that i can't believe that so many people fall for it hook, line and sinker. It drives me nuts that it seems like i'm the only person who can see that. Gah! As if i wasn't in a shitty enough mood today anyway because of work. I should've known better.
Tags: politics, rants, tv

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