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Oh my God i am seething. I thought today i was finally, finally, finally getting my car back... it's been gone four weeks now with their assing around not getting shit done. The head came back from the engineer earlier this week and was put on yesterday... The guy calls me today, said he'd spent half an hour trying to figure out what to say to me... I don't know if it was his fault but he blamed the new apprentice: "oh he put the head back on with your cam timings out of whack and when i was checking the compression one of the pistons hit a valve and knocked it out." For fuck's sake! So it will be back to the engineers AGAIN and they better give me a fuckin sweet discount for the past four weeks of SHIT i've had to endure trying to hold down full-time work, full-time study and using goddamn public transport.

You know i don't get road rage really. I mean people worry about tailgaters and stupid ass lane changes by idiots and whatnot but that's just nothing to me compared to the shit of sitting on the bus. In the car i get pissed for 10 seconds and then forget about it... The bus just totally drains my soul. You know, as if it's not bad enough waiting 30 minutes after the scheduled time for it to show up, then once you're on the bus you need to wait for stupid fucks to pay because they don't have the right change or they're trying to barter the fare down (!!!!!) or they're just chatting to the driver instead of sitting down... Then it finally starts moving, only to stop at an unscheduled stop because some idiot goes "oh i got on the wrong bus can you let me out here", then stopping at the college where a million college students get on and yell and scream and act like elementary school kids. Then taking 15 minutes to go TWO BLOCKS once it hits the downtown area because the city council were too moronic to time the lights in the bus lanes properly. And then i have to wait for the connecting service. My commute is well over an hour just to travel 7 miles. I could bicycle to work faster than that shit. It just makes me mad, and by the time i get to work i'm fuming and i need half an hour to calm down, ditto when i get home... It's ridiculous. No, dealing with stupid drivers is nothing compared to the stress and shit of sitting on a bus. Fuck!
Tags: car, rants

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