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a handful of photos from China

I failed hard on keeping up with posting photos here while i traveled around China. Posting photos on LiveJournal still feels a bit odd to me, though i suspect here people would be more inclined to read the captions than on Facebook. Perhaps it's the mark of an incompetent photographer, but i always feel i need to explain the story behind taking the shot.

This is a picture of people enjoying the flooding in Guilin. Remember i wrote about a crazy guy floating down the river with a GoPro in his mouth? This was the river.

One of my most favorite things about mainland China is the sheer tackiness of anything even a little bit touristy. This is taken inside a cave in a park in Guiyang. I felt like i was inside one of my favorite movies - Big Trouble in Little China.

Even selfies have a story. This is where i sat down after the scary walk over the mountain where we were attacked by monkeys. As i took the selfie-of-relief, a random Chinese girl walked over to me and asked if she could take a photo with me. White people in Guiyang are apparently as exotic as the costumed ethnic minorities.

Here is a picture of Chongqing, so you can understand just how ridiculously photogenic the place is. These sorts of views are what made me want to visit. Unfortunately walking around the city itself was not much fun at all.

Completely on the flip-side - Chengdu is an entirely unphotogenic city, and i didn't get any shots there that i liked besides this one. This is the moment i got caught without my umbrella in a sudden rainstorm.

I zoomed through Guangyuan and Hanzhong too quickly to get any decent photos, and trying to get good angles of the mountains from inside the bus was hopeless. We did briefly pull over at a rest-stop on the way to Xi'an, though, so i snapped one picture just so i could give y'all a very limited idea of the kind of rugged terrain that forms the natural border around Sichuan province.

Xi'an, if you recall, was the first place i really saw "new areas" in action. Every single highrise you can see in this shot is under construction. And this was just one small corner of the new area, taken from a ring road overpass.

Even though my stay in Kaifeng was ridiculously short, i had a lot fun walking around the supremely tacky canals. This is just one bridge and pagoda of many.

Here's a pic of that bizarre beach in Shanghai that is actually a huge enclosed salt water pool.

And a picture of the Yangtze river delta. It's like bingo - cruise ship, bulk carrier, barges, sampan, smog...

Riding along one of the dykes on Hengsha Island.

And, for a bonus, here is one of the most charming touristy things i have seen in Hong Kong: fisherman pulled up to the wharf selling their wares to throngs of people leaning over the railings.

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