amw (amw) wrote,

Some thoughts...

Just before i kick into assignment mode for another day...

Steve Vai concert, nexus of guitarist chinstrokers everywhere. Not one person was dancing, headbanging, jumping around... Standing still for 3+ hours like Sunday mass is not my idea of a rock concert. The sounds that came out of the speakers, though, fuckin wicked. And that man is an amazing showman, no question. Loved the laser and LED show :-) Aside from Siouxsie a few years ago with T, i think that's the first concert i've been to since 1997. Still the best was Osdorp Posse (local Dutch hardcore hip-hop crew) and Ice-T coming in second. Rock concerts, even without the guitarist chinstrokers, seem so lifeless compared to raves or the energy rappers bring to the table. Maybe i'm just missing all the good bands? I want teh HOP jump around, jump up, jump up, get down yanno. Goddamn i am so white ghett000.

Yeah Raw. Take some lessons from Smackdown and quit that hour-long iron man wrestling shit. If we wanted to see two big ugly white men hitting each other for two hours we'd be watching UFC. Bring the drama, the storylines. Bring back Rico and Miss Jackie!! :-( Entering nerd territory, watch it j0.

Speaking of nerds, yesterday i did abso-fucking-lutely nothing, which was much-needed. I've been working way too hard, and today it's back to assignments yet again. Anyway yeah, nerds. Chasing Amy! Finally watched the DVD i bought over a month ago. Damn that movie kicks so much ass. It's funny and sad and painful and stupid and yeah, it's just good. Made me want to go out buy Clerks and Mallrats too, but of course my fuckin car is still at the fuckin mechanic so that ain't happening. Monday is D-Day. Supposedly the head has been put back on the engine so if they still want to fiddle Monday tough shit, i'm just getting in and driving it to another mechanic. Five motherfuckin weeks to fix a cold start problem, my ass.

Yeah stuff. I guess i should do some work. *sigh*
Tags: car, manic, movies, music, wrestling

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