amw (amw) wrote,

why facebook is trash

Man. I am so fucking done with Facebook. I was going to post a status update over there, but i figured it would come across as passive aggressive.

For years i have been unfollowing everyone on Facebook whose posts annoy me. Bigots are unfriended immediately, obviously, but i still have a fair few "friends" who just post too much crap: unfunny memes, blatant clickbait and attention-seeking nonsense. Unfollowing worked well until a few years ago when Facebook decided to bump up comments by your friends on people's posts who are not your friends. This is when i found out that a lot of my friends have friends of their own who are racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic, transphobic deplorables. I don't tolerate that in my social circles, but thanks to Facebook it's shoved in my face every day. Out of principle i go through every single comment in those threads and report them, but that wastes a lot of my time and i'm realizing it's not a very effective protest.

Let's be real. Facebook doesn't give a shit about shutting down hate speech, fake news and other trash on their website. They don't even try to hide it from people who don't want to see it. They know that publishing trash results in their free users spending more time staring at their paid customers' ads. I am disappointed that many of my closest friends perpetuate the problem by engaging. Facebook today is little more than a sleazy tabloid that actively profits by misleading the general public, and the most insidious part is they wash their hands of the whole thing by pretending like they weren't the ones to promote the content in the first place. Bullshit. If my friend likes or comments some trash - or even someone's response to the trash - now that trash has been broadcast to my and all of their other friends' feeds. Facebook's greed has led them to cynically spread controversy and outrage as widely as possible.

Facebook is blocked in China along with several other media sites. Everyone who cares has a workaround. I care because i use Facebook to post photos and let my family know i am still alive. Yes, i pay a monthly fee just for that. But even with my paid-for workaround, Facebook is so poorly coded compared to other blocked sites that it is still almost unusable. So now it is especially annoying when a friend comments on trash and it spams up my feed. The site is too slow to even do a symbolic reporting of a couple of idiotic comments - much less the whole thread - and after watching loading spinners for five minutes i wonder why i bothered logging on in the first place. No one posts anything of real substance anyway.

When i first moved to Canada and then to Germany, Facebook was a savior because it helped me to network with people in the rave scene and find out when and where all the gigs were happening. In China no one really uses Facebook, so it's useless for that. And besides, i think the days of using Facebook for event promotion are coming to an end judging by the number of invites i get now vs 5 years ago. So what? I am sharing photos with my family and playing voyeur with a bunch of people who i never speak to. Is it really worth it? The funny thing is, most everyone i talk to says that they use Facebook exactly as little as i do. But i know better, because i see their "woke" comments on shitposts spamming up my feed every time i log on. Congratulations, friends, you have just contributed to the Facebook algorithm that realized deliberately pissing people off is a good way to keep their eyeballs on the site.

I am ready to kick the habit. As it is i only log in once every day or two, and usually only for a few minutes because trying to scroll through the updates is so painful. I was considering unfollowing my friends who engage politically, but to be honest that would leave no one active on my feed besides DJs and very old acquaintances who rarely update. Then there really would be no point.

This Sunday i am sitting HSK2. My teacher is pushing me to take HSK3 next month, though i am not sure if i will be able to memorize 600+ characters by then. But i definitely won't if i dick around on social media being annoyed at friends commenting on stuff that i am not even interested in. Occasionally i dive into a political conversation here on LJ, but that's on my terms and none of my friends are getting it shoved down their throats. I am already a notorious procrastinator. I spend a lot of time reading about politics and society. I don't want to waste more time scrolling through the drivel of the willfully ignorant. Learning my first tonal language - and a non-Latin language - is taking a lot of work. My savings are rapidly dwindling and there is a very real time limit on this sabbatical. I may have a job interview this week. In any case i need to continue the applications. I really have better things to do.

And so i will do them. Facebook is a dumb distraction from what really matters. Ranting on here has let off some steam. Hopefully i will come back and read this before i next turn on my VPN for yet another epic waste of time.
Tags: rants, teh internets

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