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Let's get some TV news out of the way.

I finally started watching the third season of Dark Matter a week or two back and finished it yesterday. I cannot believe Syfy canned the show on that cliffhanger. Truly some Sarah Connor Chronicles level bullshit. Dark Matter was great fun - one of my favorite space operas of recent times. They left you hanging every episode, but it never became tedious or pretentious - every episode felt worthwhile. Losing the blink drive macguffin that made them all-powerful in previous seasons allowed the team to just be small fries in a big and complex universe, which is a rare and wonderful setting for sci-fi television.

I guess we still have The Expanse, though that scratches a totally different itch. Some Amazon reviewers of the books call The Expanse "Tom Clancy In Space", which it basically is. Especially the TV show never lets you forget you are watching future politics. It's very entertaining, but not really a hot mug of cocoa and blankie watch. I did read the whole series while i was peaceful and relaxed on the boat from Greece to China, though.

That reminds me, i think the new book has just come out. I should buy it. I need a boat.

Smash cut to Andrade Cien Almas winning the NXT title. Fucking about fucking time. Pretty much every other Wargames result sucked, but hearing the crowd pop for Almas after he has spent so long struggling to get over with them was exactly the sort of moment that makes NXT television so compelling. A well-deserved victory. I am looking forward to the story they will build for him going forward.

It could be cool to see Zelina Vega get spun out of Andrade's storyline too. Her promos have been a bit abstract at times, but she seems like a badass and has really helped put Andrade on top. With Asuka out of the way, the women's division could be getting interesting again. I wish Nikki Cross had been given the belt instead of the bookers pushing yet another wrestler with cool in-ring moves but total lack of charisma. Perhaps they are hoping Ember Moon will be able to find a personality if she becomes a target for all the other (much more engaging) women on the roster.

Oh, but let's be real. My mini-crush on Nikki Cross aside, that Velveteen Dream vs Aleister Black match was all charisma all the time. Those dudes are freakin' superstars. Excellent storytelling. Match of the night, easy.

Since this is a TV post, i might as well add that it appears i have dropped all of the DC shows except for Legends of Tomorrow. By accident i deleted my Arrow folder, then realized i didn't care. It occurred to me that i already waste an hour a week watching a TV show all about manpain, but at least Supernatural doesn't have any nauseating relationship crap shoehorned in. I decided to delete my Flash and Supergirl folders too, since - like Arrow - i hadn't even finished last season, much less started the current one. Legends is still there, though. When they lost their best character after the first season i thought it would start to suck, but season two continued to feel fresh somehow. I like that it's not afraid to be silly. Grim superheroes are so boring.

I think i am disappearing into TV stuff right now because immigration continues to suck, and because i am feeling a little weepy over having to start work, or pondering my identity (see last post), or something... I will write more about all of that stuff soon. Sooner or later.
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