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Fuck fucking Australia again.
singapore sunset
I fucking knew it. I fucking knew Australia would find yet another fucking way to fuck me. Living there was the worst thing that ever happened in my life. Now the fucking Chinese embassy is refusing to legalize my authenticated degree unless I can send them proof I was allowed to study in Australia during the period where my degree was granted. Hey, how about fuck you? When I finally escaped that fucking shit hole of a country I did not hold tight to that badge of racist appeasement called a permanent residence visa. Not to mention the passport the visa was in is several passports old and I almost certainly have either lost it or tossed it. And if i didn't i should have, since Brexit has rendered that entire citizenship shameful and worthless. Fuck this fucking shit and fucking Australian-resident Chinese bureaucrats continuing to fucking force me to relive that fucking period of my life i left behind 10 fucking years ago. Like, who fucking cares about proof of education anyway? Certainly not fucking Australian fucking universities who universally refused to grant me entrance because they were too racist to admit an immigrant from a country in Europe whose high school diploma wasn't published in English. And after over 8 years of struggling to get that stupid degree doing part-time remote classes alongside a full-time job, literally noone has given a shit about it. Now finally someone does want me to show the arbitrary scrap of toilet paper that proves I spent a ton of money and emotional stress learning shit I did anyway at work for years beforehand, they also want proof of living in the racist hell hole that caused me all the problems in the first place. God I wish I had left there in 2002. When America also decided not to let me in I should have just returned to Europe and left the whole colonial shitfest behind me. Fuck all and everything. And especially fucking immigration law. But that's a given, right? I am fuming right now.

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Can the consulate or Embassy nearest to you pull the records for your visa? I know we can do that -- we do a system print out and then authenticate it with a signature and a seal like a notary, and go back to the 1990s for visitor visas, and sometimes earlier for residence.

(I feel like I'm always problem-solving on your rant posts, which is rude, so feel free to tell me to fuck off if needed...)

No, it's not rude. You are right again, of course. I am just ranting here to blow off steam, especially because the Great Firewall blocks Facebook (where historically I vented) and while most of my friends are asleep because of the timezone. I will contact the Australian embassy again today, they have actually been reasonably helpful up until now. And, of course, I don't totally hate Australia. It's just a convenient punching bag. Sigh. Perhaps I should take up boxing again.

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