amw (amw) wrote,

Is that an update in your pocket?

No i'm not just happy to see you. So. What a lot of shit has my life been recently. Work has been busy out the ass, i needed to finish a bunch of assignments for the end of last term, pay for next term ($900) plus books ($200), and then the car ($WAYTOOMUCH).

The car. Man oh man, where to start. At this point, over the past two-three months it has been through the hands of about 5 different mechanics, been given back to me twice and broken down three times. Always the same thing, there's obviously one specific thing that they're not fixing right. I'm very close to calling a lawyer... Unfortunately until Thursday i have zero money. Nothing in my wallet, nothing in the bank, and worst of all my credit cards are maxed out. There's only one other time i've maxed out a credit card and that was after a manic buying stuff spree where i actually got stuff. This time i have two maxed out cards and i don't even have stuff to show for it. Fuckin woo, $200 worth of school books that are going to be thrown in the garbage in 3 months. $WAYTOOMUCH to fix my car which still isn't fixed. $900 for two more classes so i can get a step closer to a fucking $15,000 piece of paper that is not even close to going to get me a $15,000 salary increase. Fuck college, what a waste of money. I hate having no money and i hate having no transport. The whole thing has just been stressful, i just want to have a weekend to relax and i can't because things keep fucking up and things keep coming up and i keep fighting and pushing and working hard and hoping that somehow things will work out but yeah, God is an asshat.

So yeah. In spite of car shit doing its best to completely ruin my weekend, last week we did in fact manage to go to Smackdown, which was lots of fun. Very trashy and campy and all that's good about sports entertainment. That was also the first time i've seen some of my friends in months. I'm hermitifying out here in the suburbs with no car and lots of school work :-(

In other news, i spent more money. Much-needed new contact lenses and a pair of glasses. I'd worn the same pair of two-week contact lenses for about three months trying to pay off my credit cards and eventually the protein build-up was killing my eyes so i had no choice. The doctor said i really needed glasses to give my eyes a break in the evenings and on the weekends, so for the first time in about 12 years i've been wearing glasses. Very weird sensation, but it's good letting my eyes breathe. If i get the energy i will update my webpage with some photos. Problem is i've been looking like shit for months :-( I have 10 days of vacation time saved up at work, and i'd really like a vacation. But school doesn't quit - next term has already started so even if i had time off work i'd still have school. I'm not sure what i should do. I want to go see T some time early next year, but now the $2000 buffer i had left in my credit cards is gone i don't know if i'll be able to afford it.

My life == boring. Booya!
Tags: car, my boring life

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