amw (amw) wrote,

south china freeze

It is cold. Like, by Shenzhen standards. It is fucking cold. I don't think it got above 13 degrees (~55F) today. Most of the locals are wearing coats. I don't have a coat any more. I don't have a scarf any more. I don't even have a lined hoodie. Academically i know it's not cold at all. In Germany i walked to work for weeks in this kind of weather wearing the same clothes i have now. But after 6+ months of temperatures that never dropped below 20, and a couple months when it was over 30 all day every day, this is really uncomfortable.

It doesn't help that i have gotten sick. I don't know who to blame. Someone at school on Friday? The street vendor who sliced up a mango for me? The cook who prepared my 小面? It's gotta be one of them because Saturday i woke up with a sore throat and headache. My whole weekend has been thrown - no clubbing, no mountain, barely got outside long enough to eat. I know not getting any fresh air is just compounding the problem but i am wiped out.

I did marathon the first season of The Orville, which is a spectacularly corny love letter to Star Trek TOS and early TNG. I also watched season 3 of Mr Robot, which avoided the trigger-y schizophrenic pacing of last season and has settled into being a regular cyberpunk thriller. Not bad, even after recently blowing through both seasons of Berlin Station and season 5 of The Americans. I am still not spied out. Need more spies. Or more spaceships. I need more something to make myself feel less sick.

Yesterday i was not thinking straight enough to eat well, which didn't help me at all. I ate various tofus and lotus root and a hot dry noodle. Today i had a dragonfruit and some senbei (big rice crackers) for breakfast. Then a sour and hot sweet potato noodle for lunch, plus a plate of choy sum. Just now had a numbing and hot rice vermicelli with buckets of greens and mushrooms for dinner. I've been drinking flower tea non-stop. I don't think i could eat any healthier today.

But i still feel like garbage.

Tomorrow is back to school. Hopefully next week all the work permit paperwork will come through and i can finally start considering the best time to fly back to Canada. Looks like i'll be working by mid-January, February at the latest. Back to the grind. This is already the grind, but that will be more the grind. I don't want to think about it. This cold is already enough to make me miserable.

I think tomorrow i am going to try to find somewhere that will make me eight treasure congee. I'd look for it now, but just going out to the noodle place killed me. I am staying wrapped up in my blanky. Supernatural, Top Chef and then i dunno. Maybe i will fall asleep watching Hackers.
Tags: food, my boring life, sick, tv

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