amw (amw) wrote,

throwing my hands in the air

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. So, in true thumbing my nose at AA fashion, i decided to buy a couple beers. Everything else has failed. Eating well. Sleeping long. Drinking tea. Getting fresh air. Time to ignore it.

Two of my documents have arrived here in China. I am still waiting for three other ones, one of which is in the mail and two of which are still delayed because my previous fucking employers are useless at basic admin tasks. I don't even want to get started on the litany of errors and excuses i have had to deal with. I am too sick and exhausted to care right now. At least we are getting closer to organizing this shit.

Today i have a ghost following me. In the school one of the fluorescent lights started flickering and eventually blew out the whole room's fuse while i was in class. It also filled the room with a chokingly bad smell. Later on at the restaurant as i ate my noodles and big plate of choy sum, the power went out in the whole place. Cue Twilight Zone music etc etc.

I know in Northern China recently there have been brownouts due to harsh restrictions on burning coal (natural gas and renewable energy isn't yet covering the winter energy needs), but i don't think Southern China is having the same problems. How could we be, given heating is apparently not a thing in Guangdong? Compared to summer it does feel bitterly cold right now, but i keep thinking of the guys in Heilongjiang where it's like -20. Here people are wearing winter coats indoors and complaining because it dipped below 10 last night.

Fuck it, i'm complaining too. It's cold and i'm sick and i have run out of shows to watch. At least i have a pineapple beer.
Tags: my surreal life, sick

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