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Radio rocks!
singapore sunset
Yeah i've really never listened to radio in my life because it never plays the music i'm in the mood for... But over the last five years internet news radio has become such a staple for me. WTOP kicks ass for political news, ditto Federal News Radio when WTOP is too busy to listen (e.g. during the war). Now with Frances we've got WFLA and WIOD... It blows me away that i can be on the other side of the planet and just point and click and get the local news as it's happening, on-demand. I wish i had speakers at work so i could listen in at the office. Maybe i should set that up for the election so i can listen to WTOP coverage. I'm such a nerd. Watching the local Fox affiliates reporting from the "front line" today i was wondering how the hell we were getting such clear sound and picture (well, relatively). Nifty tech we have. Continuing coverage on WFLA, i guess i'll leave it on as i go to sleep tonight. Because tomorrow i need to take the damn bus to work full of fucking annoying Australians so this is my little escape... Away to Florida for a hurricane vacation. Woo!

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WTOP's election coverage is excellent. Plus, they're smart enough to not mess with traffic & weather every 10 minutes. Which, of course, does me more good than you... :)

Nonsense! Traffic and weather on the eights is the highlight! I have a theory that the majority of federal policy is dictated by how much of a pain in the ass it was for the government to get to work each morning. Definitely.

Oh yeah... With regard to the great video coming back from front lines in Iraq... These folks http://www.swe-dish.se/ are what most of the news organizations are using these days. Real-time MPEG encoding and a satellite uplink in a suitcase. Uses video-over-IP at roughly 2 MB/s, which allows enough bandwidth on the return path for voice cues from the originiating studio over the same link.

/video nerd.

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