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No snakes...
singapore sunset
And outside of the public post, i'd just like to add i am really getting fucking sick of everything right now. Aside from the laundry, i did nothing today. I have another exam tomorrow (had one Thursday too) and i haven't done anything. Have an assignment for next term due some time and i haven't even touched any of the course material for the term. I fucking hate my job, i fucking hate Australia, i fucking hate school, i hate my body, i hate where my life is going... There's no easy way to get to America, and when i'm there i'm going to be tied to another two, three, four years of working a job i hate just to get a fucking green card. And then i'll be 30 or something and i won't have achieved jack fucking shit, none of my dreams, nothing i ever wanted for myself, just pissing my life away in this fucking hellhole of a country all alone working in a fucking office for money i never see. Fuck it man.

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Jesus. You gotta get brainstorming and change something - anything! - that might give you some pleasure and satisfaction and get you through.

True :( It's not really that bad, just some days everything gets to me. What frustrates me most is that there doesn't seem to be a clear path, a solution you know. I've kinda been stuck in limbo for too long. If i'd known in 97 i wasn't going to be able to move to the States in the next seven years i would've settled down more, saved more money, who knows... But i keep hanging half way, not sure whether to wait or what.

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