amw (amw) wrote,

oldskool air conditioning

Oh, i should also add that it's not like i have just been sitting here ascetically stewing in a sealed box. I have been following the habits of other neighbors on my floor who leave their front doors and kitchen windows wide open. I've never lived anywhere else where apartment dwellers do this, but it seems to be standard in pretty much every Chinese apartment building i have visited that isn't one of those high-class gated community joints. Saves on the electric bill, and gives your neighbors the chance to enjoy the sound of your TV shows and the smell of your cooking. Also lets them share the pain when you toss a handful of fresh chopped chili into the wok. When all 4 of us down this corner of the building are home and the wind gusts up it's better than any air conditioning unit.

Unfortunately it doesn't work so well if you like to walk around pantsless or topless. So i give myself about an hour each evening before i close up shop and strip down.
Tags: china, my boring life

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