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not staying frosty
singapore sunset
Man, fucking Tony is gone? My LJ interests page probably has more dead people than alive people now. I am too drunk to write a proper entry, i guess that could be seen as some kind of tribute. Definitely this weekend i will eat meat, if i find something worthwhile.

PS i am still a drowned in soup chicken. But the tropical cyclone is heading north of Guangdong so day after tomorrow we might see a bit of sun. I guess i should sit outside and drink 白酒 somewhere. Fuck 😿

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What are you drinking? ;)

China's favorite beer: Budweiser! Well, that's how I started out when I was still at the bar. Now I am home with a few bottles of Tsingtao to fall asleep with. My taste in alcohol is generally whatever is the cheapest local fave 🍻

Ooooh. I've never been a big beer drinker but I was introduced to Bud Light Orange the other day and I'm a fan.

I love shandy! I don't know if orange beer is a new trend or what, but I got into it when it started popping up in my liquor store in Germany a couple years ago. It's a spectacular hangover drink. Here the most popular one is pineapple beer. It's only like 1% alcohol or something, but a lot of people like it because it is sweet and refreshing and still gives you a tiny kick. I am not a super hard drinker any more, but I still gravitate to shandy after a big night. At this rate tomorrow that pineapple beer is definitely going to be on the list. Tony Bourdain would probably laugh at me while slamming vodka and eating offal.

Ahhh, I'll probably have to get my hands on some pineapple beer here in the states. I love pineapple anything. My go to drink is coconut rum and pineapple juice but I really have cut back on drinking - I don't drink as much as I used to.

Mr. Bourdain is gonna be laughing at all of us - while he eats all his favorite treats.

I'm devastated that Anthony Bourdain is gone. Dang - I loved his show, and had seen most of them. Loved how he could sit down with anyone, eat the food they prepared, and they would tell him things no other reporter would ever get. To enjoy local cuisine with those who prepared it is the ultimate respect for culture. Though a native of New Jersey (he did a program from there!) He was a true world citizen, and we desperately need more global thinking people. He had his demons, and spoke honestly of them. But - I'm bummed.... Here's to him... 🍻

Yep, I think he was great. Even though at times I found his personality a bit dickish, I really appreciate that kind of gonzo journalism.

I think the reason why I am more upset about this than if - say - Paul or Louis Theroux passed away is because I identify a bit closer with Bourdain. He represents a version of me that never happened. I worked in a restaurant during high school and I look back on that job fondly, despite the stink and the noise and the abuse and the lousy pay. It felt like honest work. When I read Kitchen Confidential it was like a peek into what might have been for me.

I saw a great comment on the Graun pointing out that he was 40something when he became famous, and it goes to show that even if you are just a former drug addict and mediocre line cook, doesn't mean you pissed your life away. You can still write a few books and change it all up if you want. That's something to hold on to, i think.

First Avicii, then Kate Spade, and now TONY?!?!? It's worse than 2017....

anthony bourdain's death is so sad. i always liked him and his show - he just seemed so honest, and he went all kinds of places and met all kinds of people on their own terms. the show always made me hungry, tho, regardless of where he was or what he was eating.

if you're a drowned in soup chicken, you need some dumplings and carrots, or a nice matzo ball. :D maybe some noodles.

Ha! You know i would have had absolutely no idea what you were talking about if i hadn't met J (my ex). She was Jewish Canadian and introduced me to the whole chicken soup thing, which is something i had never really eaten before. To be honest, i didn't really like it very much, but finding out it's a whole cultural thing really opened my eyes to a new world i'd only ever heard about in movies and TV shows.

I guess those sorts of cultural experiences had through food are exactly what Anthony Bourdain was good at sharing. I'll miss his stuff for sure.

lol...drowned in soup chicken

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