amw (amw) wrote,

The Friday Five for June 15, 2018

1. Do you think you have a health lifestyle?

I guess I'm about average. I walk or bike about 2 hours a day, but it's just getting around, it's not working out. I eat almost completely vegan and rarely to excess. On the other hand, I drink a lot of coffee and alcohol. Also my job involves me sitting at a desk all day, so I don't get much fresh air or exercise.

2. What could you do to improve it?

Drink less alcohol and actually work out for realsies.

3. Are you tempted to eat every time you are hungry or do you wait for the next meal?

I wait. On the weekends, where I might spend a whole day in bed due to laziness, I often deliberately skip lunch to offset the fact I am not burning any calories through movement. Sometimes I have a cup of sweet tea to tide me over.

4. When are you most tempted to snack?

I don't really get tempted to snack, except when I skip a meal. I adore snack food, though, so often I use it as an ingredient to cook with. For example using dried fruit and veg chips instead of fresh veg, using rice crackers instead of steamed rice, popped grains to thicken sauce, that sort of thing. Also if I am out and about, I will often eat 小吃/snacks as my whole meal.

5. Do you agree with the saying: "Eat your breakfast, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy" or do you think it matters?

I have never heard this saying, but I guess it's the theory you should eat more in the morning and less at night. I'm not sure if it makes a difference, but it doesn't really work with my current lifestyle anyway.

In the mornings I am tired and need several coffees to get up, so usually I just have some nuts and a piece of fruit or two 包子 (steamed bun) or a jelly fruit cup and rice crackers with peanut butter. Lunch I eat out, usually some kind of noodles. At dinner I feel I have the time and mental space to cook properly, so then I make a "two dish meal" - one vegetable and one tofu or mushroom. That goes with noodles, rice crackers or sometimes sweet potato if I found a street vendor on the way home.

The weekends are a bit different. Then I like to lay in bed for a while before brewing a pot of coffee and cook a "two dish meal" for brunch. I usually have some fruit too. Dinner is much the same as during the week, though perhaps a bit more lavish because I can use fresh/same-day ingredients like 并 (bread/pastry), water spinach or king oyster mushroom.

Just writing this post is making me hungry.
Tags: food, memes, movement

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