amw (amw) wrote,


My fucking email stopped working around 2pm today and it's pissing me off. Aside from that, my head stopped working around 2pm Wednesday and i had Thursday and Friday off. I haven't had a headache like that for a long time, it lasted almost 3 days, waking up with it, going to bed with it, moving my head hurt, closing my eyes hurt, opening my eyes hurt. Still does a little bit. Urgh. It's also really hot and humid. And i still haven't done any school work. Even though my head is somewhat improved, the last thing i want to do is school work right now. Or real work either, come Monday. I'm so tired of everything, and i wouldn't be surprised if the migraine was just stress induced. *sigh* I want my email :-( I love you T.
Tags: sick

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