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I've only contributed to two crowdfunding thingees in my life: the 1.6 billion € Greek Bailout Fund, and the development of a fan movie for Jem and the Holograms.

I am not sure why i have such fond memories of Jem. Why do any of us have fond memories of childhood cartoons? Jem was one of those cheap cartoons designed primarily to sell children toys, but in the process of creating a fluff kid's show they tapped into the same exciting fashion and stylistic ideas that fueled Miami Vice and other shows now seen as quintessentially 80s. The real 80s was not glamorous at all for most people, but watching Jem was a way to live the fantasy, 23 minutes at a time.

Anyway, i contributed to the Kickstarter because i wanted to support some fellow fans who were keen to put together an episode for nostalgia's sake. They weren't nobodies - they were a talented bunch of famous-on-YouTube artists who had already produced a fairly well-received Jem music video. I checked out their other channels and it seemed like they were a decent crew who operated a bit outside of the big name YouTuber circles and would probably appreciate the support. And then I forgot about it for a couple years.

Lo, here it is.


This was actually released a couple months back, but I hardly ever poke my head out from behind the Great Firewall these days, so I didn't get around to watching it till today.

It's a bummer they've only got about 25k views, because it's such a sweet and genuine take on the characters and the show.

Anyway, this dopey little flick made me happy today.

Also making me happy in the TV world: first episode of this season's Rap of China and an absolute stonker of a tag team match between Moustache Mountain and The Undisputed Era on this week's NXT.

That is all until my mood improves.
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