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Quick weekend grocery run in Shenzhen, China - 2018-07-22
singapore sunset
(Note to friends who may see this twice: this is a draft for my post in glimpseatmyday.)

Since there is a Walmart literally on the same block as my building, I don't tend to do big grocery shops - I stop by every couple of days after work to restock. That said, I have learned that the best time to go shopping here is around noon, when everyone else is at home eating lunch. You don't get the freshest pick of the morning's vegetables, but they're usually less wilted than the after work hauls, so I normally look forward to my weekend shop.

Sadly this weekend the greens all felt a bit limp.

The ginger looked pretty great, though.

Picking up some tofu. I like what this brand calls 山水豆腐 (mountains and water tofu) - it's soft and beany and great for a scramble. I also picked up some dried tofu for meatier dishes.

All these dried seeds and fruits are lit beautifully, they looked delicious!

Since I live in Guangdong, here's the obligatory pic of ducks hanging in the deli counter. There are also fishtanks and stuff around the meat section, but i didn't head over there.

I always love the aisle of different oils and sauces. I picked up some 豆瓣酱 (doubanjiang), which is a spicy bean paste i discovered since moving here and now put in almost everything i cook.

Fruit jellies! There is an entire aisle of different fruit jellies.

Popped grains! My favorite brand is "Uncle Pop", because the name makes me smile.

Rice crackers! I eat these for breakfast with peanut butter, or if i am too lazy to make noodles they sub in for dinner carbs.

Grass jelly! Great in this hot weather. Also pictured is the famous red and gold cans of 王老吉 aka 加多宝, which is a very popular local ice tea.

Over in the import food section you can buy Italian-style pasta and American-style salad dressing and various other Asian foods. But i only care about the baked beans.

Heading to the checkout. They recently redecorated the whole place, and now there are some new fast food joints out front. I've only tried one of them so far - a 重庆小面 (Chongqing spicy noodle) place, which was okay. Since my house is so close i usually figure i should just go home and cook.

I also picked up regular beer, pineapple beer, sweet ice tea, 萝卜干 (pickled turnip), kimchi, noodles, sliced dragonfruit, 辣条 (like jerky, but made from gluten), chilis, 葱油饼 (scallion pancake), napa cabbage and some spinach.

Time for lunch!

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Wow! Thanks for sharing this! I love visiting supermarkets of whatever country I travel/visit because it shows so much about their food and culture!

Glad you enjoyed! I also love going to grocery stores in different countries. Even just in different cities. It's one of my favorite things to do when traveling.

It's too bad I didn't get better photos, but I was snapping pics very quickly because I was a bit embarrassed to take photos in the grocery store. Maybe next time. Check out that glimpseatmyday community if you are interested, there are a few American grocery stores but also one in Korea and one in Norway!

I shall check it out!! XD

So cool. There's actually a store in Seattle's Chinatown that has a lot of those things. I was surprised to see how much like a "real" Chinese store it did look like... as real as Walmart can be haha.

Now that I have been to a bunch of grocery stores in China, I can say that (larger) Chinatown grocery stores definitely do it justice. The biggest difference is perhaps that most stuff here isn't on the edge of its expiry date! Still, the wonders of globalization, eh? It's great we can get so many world nibbles everywhere these days. (Yes, there is a potato chip aisle here too.)

I try my best to forget that my grocery store has a potato chip aisle.

It looks a lot like the Chinese grocery that is behind our apartment in Virginia. Which I miss... while the produce here is ah-maaazing, it's also kind of limited in what there is. Maybe it'll be better in the market we're going to check out this weekend?

I was pretty impressed at the variety of the produce when I moved here. I mean, I figured all the "typical" Chinese veges and fruits would be represented, but they really kill it across the board for fresh produce. I guess it's sort of a perfect storm of nouveau riche who want their exotic imports meets rural migrants who are used to having everything plucked out the ground that morning.

One of the funniest things here is that eggs are also sold as bulk produce. So there is a huge vat of eggs, and old ladies pick them up one by one feeling them and listening to them and pondering each one like they're plums or something. And then they collect their favorites in a plastic bag which is weighed and tagged like everything else. Totally weird.

I hope you can snap a few pics on your market trip. Middle Eastern bazaars always seem the most romantic to me, all smoke and nuts and fruits and spices and silk. But perhaps that's just the movies!

Edited at 2018-07-23 03:30 pm (UTC)

Oh no... that's not at all the movies! It's totally like that in real life. We went to the old city last weekend (weekend before last, now, I guess...) and it really was big inverted pyramids of spices and nuts and fruit. The big Souk (by which I mean Mahane Yehuda) is supposed to be that times about a hundred. I can decide if I"m more excited about the shopping or the photos!

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