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green daze
singapore sunset
It is raining in the PRD. It has been raining for a week straight. It is also quite hot. Probably the worst possible time to have an open neck wound. Normally i pride myself on my stubborn human-powered commute, but this week i took the bus home twice to avoid the greasy deluge.

This morning i woke to the sound of construction machinery across the road and figured if they were sending the guys back to the pit, i could fit in a load of washing. The dry spell lasted about half an hour. I guess the machinery was a pump. My bed sheet is draped from the closet doors.

The hills are verdant. I did not leave the house all through August. When i am healed up a bit more i will don a bandana and go for a wander.


Right now i will make another coffee and perhaps do some virtual wandering in Shropshire.

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They really do like to paint those things pink, don't they?

i love that the neighboring buildings are pink. they're really pretty next to all the very green trees.

You know, after your and meowmensteen's comment, I started to take a closer look at the buildings on my commute. They do really have a lot of pink, peach and other pastel-colored buildings here. I thought that was kind of worldwide trend in apartment buildings, but thinking about it a bit harder I don't actually remember seeing any high-rise apartment buildings those colors. The low-rises in Europe perhaps, and possibly also around parts of Australia, but high-rises? Not really. Interesting. If I feel motivated at some point maybe I will try make an album of pastel-colored apartments.

the highrise apartments out here tend to be a lot of glass and steel. there's one not far from where i work that's blue from whatever they coated the glass with. you're probably more likely to see pastel apartment buildings in southern california or the tip of florida, if you see them anywhere in the us. are the ones near you made out of concrete? because that might be why they're a color at all, and the pastel might be because you're in southern china. i guess it's more tropical? (not that you live in the tropics, but just because shenzhen is farther south.)

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