amw (amw) wrote,

green daze

It is raining in the PRD. It has been raining for a week straight. It is also quite hot. Probably the worst possible time to have an open neck wound. Normally i pride myself on my stubborn human-powered commute, but this week i took the bus home twice to avoid the greasy deluge.

This morning i woke to the sound of construction machinery across the road and figured if they were sending the guys back to the pit, i could fit in a load of washing. The dry spell lasted about half an hour. I guess the machinery was a pump. My bed sheet is draped from the closet doors.

The hills are verdant. I did not leave the house all through August. When i am healed up a bit more i will don a bandana and go for a wander.


Right now i will make another coffee and perhaps do some virtual wandering in Shropshire.
Tags: my boring life

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