amw (amw) wrote,

Belly belly!

Damn it's cool having arab neighbors. They're having another party, blasting some funky Lebanese or possibly Turkish tunes around the neighborhood. Much less annoying than the opera fans i had living next door a few years ago. Last place we had some ravers down the street... And this oldskool blues guitar guy. And a bit of yobbo rock shit, but not so often. You know come to think, other than those opera dorks it's been alright. Except for those fucking tribal drumming cocksmokers who framed me for a noise complaint. That would be the same damn building as the opera people. It was cool living alone, and right opposite a 7/11-video-rental-deli-type place, but the people there sucked ass. This is probably the quietest neighborhood i've ever lived in, so hearing a bit of music rocks my socks.

Speaking of socks. Well. Nothing to do with socks, but it took me 1.5 hours to drive home tonight. I still haven't figured out the exact distance but i'm pretty sure it's around 8 miles. No clue what the hell was up because there were no crashes, just stop-start traffic the whole way. One hour is sorta average, i can do that, but man oh man this was grueling. Especially because since i got my car back the stereo doesn't work. So no music. Ahh yeah. Stuff.

I have almost finished my web page redesign which i have been doing on and off for a couple weeks. I'm not sure why because i have nothing new to add, but at least it makes me feel like i'm doing something other than sleeping eating and working. And watching DVDs. And reading comics. And sleeping more. God i'm boring.
Tags: manic, my boring life

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