amw (amw) wrote,

I'm still here

So this is what it looks like outside now.

Almost every tree is gone, it's shocking. The cleanup crews must have been working all through the night to drag the trunks off the road and onto the sidewalk so the buses can run. I found a busted up Mobike in the gutter. It still worked, so I pedalled into the city.

A few windows blown out. All the trees are over. Trash everywhere. Our apartment block courtyard was covered in broken tiles and smashed bricks.

Now i don't feel so bad about feeling scared yesterday. The wind was rattling the windows and front door so much I spent about 4 hours convinced if I breathed too hard I'd get sliced open by a flying shard of glass. My windows held up, but plenty of rain came in the cracks. And grass and dirt. How the fuck does grass and dirt get up to the 13th floor?

Seeing how bad it is over here I'm surprised there's only two reported dead, because the west side of the PRD must have been a clusterfuck. I'm also very happy the power only went out for half an hour, so I got to eat real food and watch some TV and then read internet posts from millions of other people stuck in the same boat as me. Score one for Chinese infrastructure and preparedness.

Now it's off to work. The new CTO is due in today but I won't be surprised if his flight was delayed. Oh well. Life goes on. I want another weekend to recover from this one.

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