amw (amw) wrote,

in happier news...

Not sleeping last night kind of ruined my Singles Day morning.

[Just a reminder for those who didn't read my journal last year - 光棍节 means "bare stick festival", which is the anti-Valentines Day. "Bare stick" is a slang term for a single person, and the number 1 looks like a bare stick, so Singles Day is celebrated on 11-11 each year. I think it's brilliant.]

I decided to spend all day being the best single i could be. I didn't have a shower. I watched wrestling. I played computer games. I ate breakfast at noon. I am not wearing any pants. I have no food left in the fridge but fuck it, i'm ordering in from the Buddhist place. Gonna get me some guilt-free Sichuan spicy fish and Hong Kong char siu, plus black bean bitter melon and steamed rice. I will put pants on to answer the door, and then i shall remove them again and gorge myself.

Also, because Singles Day is also the biggest retail day of the year, i bought a new phone. The screen on my current phone has been smashed for months and any time the weather gets a little humid the ghost in the crack keeps touching "back" which is rather annoying. Also, i can only read articles on the top half. I don't really care about having a smashed phone, but at 20% off (or 8折 as they say here) it seems like a good time to buy. I'm sticking with 红米, the Xiaomi budget line. The 4X was a tough little phone and cheap as chips; I trust the 6 will be more of the same.

Now i will do some flash cards while i wait for my strapping young delivery guy.
Tags: my boring life

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