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Fuck this, i'm going on holiday. 🌴🥥🍹

My last day of work was Thursday but - predictably - they had messed up my termination certificate in a way that meant my work permit wouldn't be transferable for several weeks. So i had to go back in again on Friday to sign the amended version. This kind of messed up my holiday plans, because i was thinking of taking Friday to relax, then Saturday starting my little jaunt around the PRD.

Did i tell you guys about that? I had an idea of taking a bike around the PRD: Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhuhai. Maybe have a look at Macau, then take the new bridge across to Hong Kong, eat a pork bun and come home. My original plan was to rent a bike, but then I started thinking how free it would feel to just ride a sharebike to the city limits, walk across to the next city, then get another sharebike over there. It would be a full-on urban adventure through mostly factories and skyscrapers with the odd mountain trail, but i think it would be cool.

Anyway, because my plans got messed on Friday, i needed to take Saturday to relax instead. I spent all day in pyjama pants playing computer games. I ordered in. I drank pineapple beer. Et cetera. Then... this morning it started to rain. Not the awesome South China rain where everything gets steamy and it looks like ninjas are going to flip out of the alleyways. The shitty European rain where it's cold and droopy and everything looks grim.

So i looked at the map and tried to figure out where to go instead. The band stretches along the coast from Hainan to Fujian, a giant horizontal middle finger across my plans to do anything in the PRD for the next week.

I'm engaging my backup option. Sit on the beach and get drunk. There are very few beaches in China, but I looked back at some of the destinations i had considered when i first came here and i remember Beihai being on the list. That's a coastal city of about a million in between Hainan and the Vietnam border. I think it's considered a bit of an armpit, but those are usually my favorite places to get drunk. The important thing is it's far enough west that the rain bands aren't there, and it has a beach, and an island, and bars.

There are buses that go there direct from Shenzhen, but i figured i would lazily take the high speed rail to Nanning and see if they have any good eats up there. If nothing else it'd be a chance to wander around another internationally unknown Chinese city, which i always enjoy.

I'm mostly worried about the timing. One day to get to Nanning. One day to Beihai. If i want to overnight on Weizhou island, that's another day. One or two days back. It seems like a viable agenda for this pitiful little week-long break - about half traveling and half eating/drinking/exploring. Unfortunately, I might need to sprint back to Shenzhen on Friday for more work permit shit. (That's why my original plan was to stay in the PRD and not go 500+ miles away.)

Honestly, I am almost ready to just throw up my hands and say fuck it. Let me have a week on holiday and I will deal with whatever bureaucracy next next Monday. I so very much need a tiny little moment of my life where I feel like I am free again.

Today I booked a ticket one way to Guangxi province. No hotels. No connecting bus. No plans besides arriving in Nanning. Maybe I will go to Beihai. Maybe I won't. Maybe I will go to the Vietnam border and wave at the tourists on their way to Ha Long Bay. Maybe I'll come back via Yangjiang, they have a beach too. Or go by Zhuhai, cross that new bridge and get a pork bun despite the rain. Sitting down in a Hong Kong pub does sound cozy. After 10 months chained to a desk I just want to have one week where I get to wander around aimlessly.

I really miss that. I miss just not having any plans and going wherever.
Tags: freedom

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