amw (amw) wrote,

I am a dribbling mess.

And it's not even summer yet. Yesterday it was over 100 degrees and 80% humidity. I just sat on the couch and sweated. Is that even a word? Past present perfect participle tense, yo. Today it's "only" 90 degrees so i resolved to get shit done. Had a shower, did a massive grocery shopping session, washed my car (ugh hot!), did laundry, hung it out, finally sprayed weedkiller all over the place in the back yard, finished my assignment for school... And now it's 1:30pm and i will still vacuum, color my hair, exercise and clean this damn warzone i'm calling my bedroom at the moment. Maybe. I'm exhausted. I hate the heat. I hate it soooo much.

Like, lots. It's only made worse by the fact that when i turn my fan on in my bedroom, the computer loses power. This is due to the mess of adapters i have coming out of the wall... 2 sockets in the wall going to i think... 16 bits of musical and computer equipment. I was planning on buying a kick ass power strip thing with switches on it so i could turn everything off bar computer, fan and alarm clock, but then i didn't. Because i forgot. The one thing i forgot at the store, mind you. I even remembered to get a new fry pan. Yeah and i burned my hands on the steering wheel because i have no garage and no air conditioning.

And i transferred more money into those credit card debts. It's still around 7 grand, which is totally fucked. I need to remember my internet is being charged direct to Visa so i need to pay $60 extra into it each month. Over a grand of debt is that unnecessary car shit. And around $2500 (!) is fucking school shit. Man, this degree better be fucking worth something. In a couple months another grand needs to be charged for more school. And there is no way i can spare any money to go see T any time soon. I put every spare cent i have into those cards, minus a bit of fun money for comics and DVDs, but it never seems to go down. *sigh* It annoys me that i had more money when i was spending $100 going out every weekend. But i guess now i'm too tired to do that anyway. School sucks. College sucks even more than highschol did. Hot weather sucks. This shitty grocery store hair color better look good too, damnit.
Tags: my boring life

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