amw (amw) wrote,

又没电了 - no power again

One of the reasons i had a bit of an LJ hiatus - aside from work - is my home electric.

A few weeks ago, the main circuit breaker started tripping. At first it just tripped every few hours so whatever. Then it progressed to tripping every few minutes, so i started unplugging all the appliances to try figure out what the cause was. Eventually everything i could unplug was unplugged, and still it tripped.

Since everyone is cataloging their belongings lately, let me catalog my things that are powered by electricity:

1x fridge
1x washing machine
1x hot water heater (gas with electric igniter)
1x air conditioning unit (permanently unplugged)
1x electric kettle
1x phone
1x tablet
1x e-reader
1x bedside lamp

Yes, readers, that is the sum total of everything electric in my house. (Well, aside from the three overhead lights.) So going through everything was not a big deal.

Except it didn't help, because once i realized that when nothing was plugged in, the main breaker still tripped - it even tripped if i turned off all the circuits to the different "rooms" - it became clear i was powerless to fix it.

I spoke to the super, but every time they sent an electrician nothing went wrong. That was the most infuriating thing. It would mysteriously work for a few hours when i didn't need it, then trip and trip and trip when i did.

I knocked on my new neighbors' door, convinced that their moving in had broken my electric. (The smoking gun was them coming home one day and turning on their lights - my breaker immediately tripped.) So they jiggled switches in their house and nothing changed on my end.

I spent several days stir-frying dinner in the dark and boiling water episodically, flipping the switch back on and on until the kettle finally finished. I took cold navy showers. I bought one of those power banks for my phone. I felt thankful for my dietary choices, since most everything vegan does not need refrigeration.

Eventually one day it point blank refused to switch back on, so i pinged my landlord. He brought an electrician in and replaced the main breaker switch, which solved the problem.

Now you'd think that would be the end of the story, but it isn't. Because twice since then the electric has gone out, and the new breaker switch stayed up. Both times i spoke to the super, and he was able to re-enable my electric by flicking some switch in the hallway. I guess there's a breaker in there too. It lends credence to my theory that there is something external causing a power surge. I mean, i have fuck all appliances. I even trashed my bedside lamp and solitary power strip on the advice of the electrician. I am practically a caveman.

Well, a caveman with cold beer, hot water and 4G internet.

Anyway, this birthday morning i woke up to no electricity, which sucked. It's back now. I cooked. But moving to a new place sounds okay.
Tags: simple living

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