amw (amw) wrote,

The couch.

Yes, the couch. That's where i've spent the last 8 hours or so, talking to T on the phone and then watching the election. In fact, i've spent many, many hours on the couch in the last five days. I took three days off this week, in part to watch the election but mainly because i was so burnt out from work. Most all of these five days i have dozed, watched TV, dozed some more and that's about it. It sounds lazy, but God i needed it.

A friend of mine said the other day that this journal is always me whining. Ain't that the truth :-( I'm actually not a miserable fuck ALL the time, i just never have the urge to write anything when i'm feeling good. This vacation, for example. This has been the best decision i've made in a long time, just giving myself time for my brain to get back together again. I'm happy right now. Something else cool? Check out the new webpage: New colors and a special changing-icon-thing. Not much new content, but it's prettier. Some day i will post up some new photos of me wearing my glasses. I should update my LJ picture too.

And man oh man... i can understand being bummed that Bush won, but it's really sad to see the Democrats refusing to concede - again! I would've liked to've seen Kerry gracefully concede back when Fox called Ohio in the first place. Maybe things'll still turn out okay, but it's really going to suck if the papers tomorrow are filled with all that uncertainty there was in 2000. Ah well.
Tags: my boring life, news, politics

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