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happy pi day

About two hours ago I got an email from my aunt saying that my mom has slipped into sleep and will probably not wake up.

Other things that have happened in the last 2 weeks.

My boss, the CTO, quit. So did the two other engineers. I tried to quit and was told that I have to fulfil the the 30 days as stipulated by my contract. I am the first person that the CEO has not immediately booted out on the same day they resigned. Joy.

In spite of four people quitting on him in the space of a week, the CEO continued to yell at me and my sole remaining colleague, plus push us to do overtime.

I had a screening interview with Google. As expected, the technical questions were stupidly hard. I had a screening interview and a technical interview with a very well-known online travel company. Tomorrow i have a screening interview with another very well-known online travel company. Saturday i have a technical interview with a very well-known e-commerce company.

I am hoping for third time lucky because fuck this shit.

Life is too short to work under an abusive CEO.

My gaydar still works. One of my colleagues came out to me over dinner after his last day.

My mom will be cremated and scattered somewhere in Australia.

She sent me some cash. I tried to turn it down because i disagree with inheritance on principle, but what can you do?

I love her very much. I tried to tell her with every email, through all the updates about my work woes.

I am too broken and exhausted to buy pie. I bought 煎饼 which is a burrito-like filled pancake. I bought 锅盔 which is a sort of Chinese naan. And a passion fruit bubble tea with pearl sago and grass jelly in it. 小确幸 - small definite happiness.

Mom 😢

Edit: she passed away on Pi Day, 21:40 Adelaide time.
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