amw (amw) wrote,

I was roofied

Hello LJ friends. Some asshole roofied me last night.

Trust me when I say I am a very experienced drunk. I know the difference between spectacularly drunk and being caught in a maelstrom of vomit and hallucinations that lasted for eternity.

I think it was ketamine.

It was not not not cool.

In another context it might have been fun, but it was a Sunday afternoon sess, in a classic rock bar, in a shopping mall.

I feel violated.

I have been in the rave/drug scene for literally decades and this is the first time I remember where I was straight up caught in a time loop vomiting, miserable and alone.

Fuck people who roofie people.

And also fuck shitty bar patrons who don't look after people who got roofied.

This is why I am a raver. It might be largely middle class escapism but at least people give a shit.

I have to go to work.


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