amw (amw) wrote,

One election post and that's all. (Promise!)

Here's the bright side for my own situation:
  • no white-collar protectionism, so employment-based immigration is still a possibility for me

  • slightly more liberal immigration policy, even if it's aimed at the Mexican community

  • stock market likes Bush, so better economy and more jobs

  • Alaskan drilling, so lower oil prices in the short term and stock market boost

  • crackdown on frivolous lawsuits, so lower malpractice insurance costs, cheaper healthcare, better economy and more jobs

  • high-school education push means more educated consumer base, so larger market for high-tech wares, more sales, more companies, more jobs

  • no bending over for Europe means less competition for me from left-wing European potential immigrants

  • if the rumors are true and income tax is dumped in favor of GST/VAT that will make me very, very happy

The most important thing for me is i know what we're going to get. Kerry was an unknown, and he'd said some very scary protectionist things that had me worried about ever being able to immigrate in the future, so here's hoping sometime in these next four years i'll have an opportunity.

Bush: probably better than Kerry
Texas gerrymander: sucks
Traditional marriage: sucks
Stem cells in California: rock
Marijuana in Montana: just another step
3 Strikes in Califonia: sucks
Marijuana in Alaska: sucks
No more Daschle: rock
Barack Obama: rock
Young voters who didn't turn out: suck
Kerry conceding: should've been earlier, but rock on
Edwards in 2008: probably better than Clinton
Tags: news, politics

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