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don't go out at night

I have never had much success watching TV legally. I dutifully pay my radio and television taxes and maintain a token Netflix (now iQiyi) subscription, but then download anyway because it's more convenient. I don't follow much entertainment news, so the main way i find out about new shows is by scanning the torrents each morning and looking up show names that sound interesting on Wikipedia.

I guess there must be a new team of British pirates on the scene, because a lot of British shows have been coming on my radar recently. There have been some terrific dramedies - notably Flack, which had me howling - but the show i have found most interesting is a trashy sci-fi called Curfew.

Curfew is like nothing i have ever seen on television before. It's like it came from a parallel universe where John Carpenter went into television after doing Escape From New York.

We are 20 minutes into the future. England has been overrun by zombies that only come out at night. The government has enacted a mandatory curfew. If the zombies don't eat you after dark, the police will quarantine or kill you anyway. There is no freedom of movement. There are walls and checkpoints everywhere. The good news is that once a year there is a cross-country car race, and the winner gets to leave England. The losers presumably all get killed by the zombies, police or other competitors.

It is almost certainly not some kind of clever commentary on Brexit. (Shout out to Don't Forget The Driver, which is an appropriately bleak take.) Curfew is about as low-brow as it gets.

Also, the soundtrack is all arpeggiated synthesizers. And the opening credits are neon pink against a black and green cityscape.

It truly is a love letter to B-movies of the 80s.

I hope this is a trend. There was a YouTube show called Origin that i downloaded because Paul W. S. Anderson was involved. It was essentially a love letter to every sci-fi horror from The Thing to Event Horizon. There was nothing original about it at all, but it was exquisitely rendered.

I know people make homages all the time but this is different for me. Nobody ever homaged shit i liked before. Yes i verbed homage. What ya gonna do?
Tags: sci-fi, tv

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