amw (amw) wrote,

It's hot.

And here are some more reasons the heat sucks:
  • the fan in my computer gets moisture in it and it makes a godawful whining sound

  • the carburetors in my car start sputtering and choking between 1 and 3 thousand RPM

  • my synthesizers need to be re-tuned every time i turn them on

Yes i like teh bullet points, damnit. We had a week of storms and rain and cool breeze and this week the heat is fierce.

I'm still tired and busy and i have a really big asskicking assignment due Sunday. Lots of pages still to write. Lots of braincelery cucumbrellas. Ah yeah. Dude. Derr. See i can't write any more because my creativity died like an American pie. Delirious hot. But mostly tired so i go sleep now.
Tags: my boring life

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