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It's hot.
singapore sunset
And here are some more reasons the heat sucks:
  • the fan in my computer gets moisture in it and it makes a godawful whining sound

  • the carburetors in my car start sputtering and choking between 1 and 3 thousand RPM

  • my synthesizers need to be re-tuned every time i turn them on

Yes i like teh bullet points, damnit. We had a week of storms and rain and cool breeze and this week the heat is fierce.

I'm still tired and busy and i have a really big asskicking assignment due Sunday. Lots of pages still to write. Lots of braincelery cucumbrellas. Ah yeah. Dude. Derr. See i can't write any more because my creativity died like an American pie. Delirious hot. But mostly tired so i go sleep now.

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Around here it's (obviously) gotten colder. Really feels like autumn now. Plus, all of the seals around my 20+ year old windows have shrunk, and the place has become drafty. Still, I'll take my cold over your heat any day... No offense... :)

As far as your keys going out of tune... My Moog Rogue detunes if I fart near it, which is strange since it's a reletively recent model (1982) which allegedly is more stable than older ones. Guess that's just part of using gen-u-ine analog synthesis. On that note, I've been spending loads of time playing with this: Arturia Minimoog V. I no longer feel the need to drop $1500 on a real one, after messing around with this. Just fantastic. They also make versions of a Moog Modular, Yamaha CS-80 and the ARP 2600.

You know i really enjoyed the heat when it first came... like the first two days. Then it's all toasty and cozy and nice after winter, but after it's been hanging for weeks, months it just gets more and more exhausting (as if i wasn't exhausted enough!)

I'd love to try out some more of those VSTs. Especially the bizarre weird stuff that's way too expensive to ever buy for real. Though right now i'd be happy to write be writing any music at all :)

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