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dry update

I would like to write an entry about share bikes and anarchy in the PRC. But that may come on the weekend. I know you all are on tenterhooks to hear about my first week at work.

It was quite good. Not quite good in the British sense, but actually quite good. Although most jobs have a honeymoon period, my last one absolutely did not, so this was refreshing. It was essentially exactly what i expected after working at that other European tech company of equivalent size and renown. I am hoping being better prepared for the company culture will help me to not get to the end of my rope after a year and explode on the VP of Engineering like a milkshake on everyone's favorite Brexiteer.

I may yet get the chance to toss a custard pie in the face of a Brexiteer because i am going to England. Work wants me to attend a boot camp in London and an onboarding in our Edinburgh HQ, so i will be doing a lightning visit to the mother country in just over a week.

I haven't been to the UK since Rick Astley was Top of the Pops. Although it would be nice to spend a bit of time exploring some of my earliest memories around Essex and Kent, i don't really have the time. Right now my plan is three days working in London, Saturday in Brighton, overnight bus, Sunday in Glasgow, then two days working in Edinburgh before flying back here. 9 days out of China, all up.

It will be exhausting.

My biggest fear is that i will not be able to pay for anything. My EU bank account is empty, and it seems i lost my Canadian credit card at some point. I haven't taken my wallet out of my bag in months. I pay for absolutely everything with my phone now. Presumably in Europe i will need to use cash or card again, except i am not sure how to get cash or use my card when my only card is Chinese.

I might need to buy some foreign currency before i leave, which is hilarious, because it sounds exactly like the kind of thing people did back when Rick Astley was at number one.

Whatever. I'll figure it out. Maybe i can find a shop where the largest clothes aren't two sizes smaller than me. I could use a new bra and some tanks. Simple living is nice and all, but a lot of my clothes are over 5 years old and literally threadbare.

I got 芹菜香干 (qín cài xiāng gān) for dinner, which is one of my vegan faves. Translated it means "Chinese celery and fragrant dried tofu". It's basically just baby celery and hard tofu fried in chili and garlic and ginger. Exactly like something i would make at home, and thankfully cheap and delicious from a greasy spoon near my house.

Getting lunch in Rich China is terrible. Even the chains that allegedly serve humble or rustic food charge at least twice as much as actual mom'n'pop places, and the flavor is insipid. They can't even jazz it up for you because it's just teenagers who don't know how to cook and don't give a shit anyway. The sad thing is that my colleagues like it. They look down on the kinds of joints where i usually eat. "You shouldn't eat at those places. They're not clean."

It's depressing how middle class people are exactly the same everywhere in the world.

Anyway. I got my "dirty" low class dinner and i feel good. Time to finish flash cards, drink a couple low class beers and then crash.
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