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note to self
mom walk
I want to write a little checklist of things to do in the UK.

In England
- Eat a vege sausage or anything with brown sauce from a roadside stand
- Buy chips wrapped in newspaper and eat them by the sea
- Go to a pub
- Cross a fence using a stile
- Get stung by a nettle
- Pick some brambles, if they're in season
- Throw a custard pie in the face of a Brexiteer

In Scotland
- Eat porridge
- Drink Irn Bru
- Wander around Glasgow and see if i remember anything

I have to wake up stupidly early tomorrow and take a taxi to Shekou. Ferry to Hong Kong. Long plane to Helsinki. Short plane to London. Let's go.

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I’m afraid they don’t wrap them in newspaper anymore and brambles won’t appear until the end of summer. Actually, I met my wife picking brambles (true story). The other things on your England list are easily obtained and I can maybe assist.

I think i will accept chips outside of newspaper as long as they have vinegar and a seagull tries to steal one. Looking forward.

I guarantee that many large seagulls will be waiting in a queue to steal one.

That's a good list! I'd almost forgotten about stiles and stinging nettles. If you do get stung, add 'use a dockleaf' to your list!

Dock leaf! I totally forgot about that. I suspect there will be a lot of small things that trigger memories once I am out of the city.

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