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things i have learned about the mother land
mom walk
London is very expensive.

The underground looks exactly the same as it did last century. And possibly the century before that. There is no phone service down there.

There are hardly any people. It's like a ghost town. That might be because i am in a ghost towny area, although all the street names sound familiar and famous. The few people around all seem to be speaking Spanish instead of English, which is peculiar.

I missed menus with proper vegan options. I also missed pubs. I had a curry and two pints.

On that, I don't know how to order at an English pub and am unsure if i was supposed to tip. I tipped like an American just in case, which probably means i spectacularly overtipped, but i didn't want to seem like an ass. Although, admittedly, when Americans come to Europe and overtip that's exactly what they seem like, so...

Dear lord. That ridiculously large plug. That feels even more antiquated than the pound sterling and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Pro tip: if you buy a plug converter from a normal-sized plug to a ridiculous-sized plug from Tescos because it's the only place open at 9pm, it doesn't work. I checked the fine print and apparently it works "for UK shavers and tooth brushes only". I have no idea how they managed to create a plug converter that fits normal-sized plugs but does not actually work unless your device is British. It seems like practical joke aimed at Europeans, North Americans, Chinese and visitors from pretty much every other country in the world that has normal-sized plugs.

No piece of electronics i own is charging right now.

Tomorrow i have to go to work. I am utterly exhausted. Good night.

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The jubilee line looks a bit different and is hellishly deep but, yea, the rest of it is the same. I have been curious to see England through your eyes. It must seem antiquated and fossilised after Shenzhen. Also much has changed socially since you lived here. A large section of London’s population is now from former-communist Europe. The wealth divide is much wider. A far more pessimistic outlook than the 1980s too.

I didn't catch any east Europeans in London outside of the bus station! Well, there were two chaps drinking beer in the park who yelled at me as i walked past, but that was nothing compared to the scores of Spanish speakers everywhere. Perhaps if i had taken the tube instead of walking i would have seen a different demographic.

Some Spaniards have told me that it is impossible to learn English in London because too many people speak Spanish there. Haha. There are enough French citizens there that it has more voters than a small city in France. Macron’s party actually sent people over to campaign for the French elections. They also have a their own radio station.

So expensive, isn't it?! But I still love the city save for the prices, and perhaps the tube. Living in Busan I think London's tube carriages filled out in my mind to be the same size as we have on the metro here. But whenever I'm back it's no, how did I ever put up with coming to work everyday on transport this cramped!
And I do miss good veggie options too.

I only ended up sitting on the tube once - from Heathrow to the city. Everything in London is so small you can walk from everywhere to everywhere else! I suspect living there instead of visiting, the tube may become more of a necessity.

The vege options were so great. I was thrilled to bits that even the most working class joints had vege options, although i skipped out on a few just to relive childhood memories. You can definitely eat veg here if you make an effort, but the restaurants don't make it near as easy to do. Long way to go.

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