amw (amw) wrote,

things i have learned about the mother land

London is very expensive.

The underground looks exactly the same as it did last century. And possibly the century before that. There is no phone service down there.

There are hardly any people. It's like a ghost town. That might be because i am in a ghost towny area, although all the street names sound familiar and famous. The few people around all seem to be speaking Spanish instead of English, which is peculiar.

I missed menus with proper vegan options. I also missed pubs. I had a curry and two pints.

On that, I don't know how to order at an English pub and am unsure if i was supposed to tip. I tipped like an American just in case, which probably means i spectacularly overtipped, but i didn't want to seem like an ass. Although, admittedly, when Americans come to Europe and overtip that's exactly what they seem like, so...

Dear lord. That ridiculously large plug. That feels even more antiquated than the pound sterling and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Pro tip: if you buy a plug converter from a normal-sized plug to a ridiculous-sized plug from Tescos because it's the only place open at 9pm, it doesn't work. I checked the fine print and apparently it works "for UK shavers and tooth brushes only". I have no idea how they managed to create a plug converter that fits normal-sized plugs but does not actually work unless your device is British. It seems like practical joke aimed at Europeans, North Americans, Chinese and visitors from pretty much every other country in the world that has normal-sized plugs.

No piece of electronics i own is charging right now.

Tomorrow i have to go to work. I am utterly exhausted. Good night.
Tags: travel

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