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🌴 guitar music and a palm tree

My new favorite song is a song i only heard about 5 seconds of in my new favorite show.

The show is called Reef Break and it is hilarious. It's obviously filmed in Gold Coast, but they are pretending it is some hypothetical 51st state of America where everyone speaks with a terrible accent and hundreds of miles of swamps, mangroves and barrier islands are described as "the reef". The hero is an old surfer slash criminal turned PI, or something. It doesn't really matter. I am quite sure everyone involved realizes how silly the whole thing is, and they revel in it. Great summer trash.

Anyway, this episode had a song called The Voyager by Jenny Lewis. It's some kind of jangly white girl folk rock, which is up my alley as far as guitar music goes.

By the time I got your letter
I had lost my mind, I was trippin'
When you're getting better, it's a jagged line
Nothing lasts forever when you travel time
I've been sippin' that Kool Aid of the cosmos...

I hope it's not literally about doing acid because that would be too obvious. I don't want to read anything about the artist in case she really is that vapid. If i don't read anything about her i can pretend she is like some modern day Ani Difranco or whatever. I like how it does that Rakim style internal rhyming. Also she has a nice voice.

I know absolutely nothing about modern guitar music.

I could have learned a little more, tonight, because one of the guys at work invited me out to see a rock band. A couple of the singles from the office are going, getting drunk and listening to rock and roll. But it fucking starts at 10pm, like.

I mean, yes, as i type this it's 11pm and i am drinking a beer at home, so i could easily be out at a bar doing the same. But, ugh. Fucking rock music. And socializing. Maybe on a different week i'd have the spoons but this week i do not.

So instead i am getting drunk watching beautiful Australians pretend to be American and fantasizing about sitting on a beach drinking a mai tai.

It's been incredibly hot and incredibly humid here all week, so even though there aren't any beaches worth a damn in Shenzhen proper i could easily take a boat to Hong Kong or Zhuhai this weekend and drink some rum under a palm tree. Or, you know, i could just go sit under a palm tree in a nearby park and do the same thing.

Doesn't feel as holiday-ish i guess, when it's home.

Jesus, where am i going to retire? I have Canadian and British citizenship and both of those places are shit for palm trees.

Edited to add: i guess most people reading this don't know i used to live in Brisbane and go to a lot of goa/psytrance parties in South East Queensland. So when it comes to ferns and gum trees and LSD, i got me some nostalgia there. Should be more synthesizers and tie-dye, but.
Tags: i am durnk, music, straya, tv

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