amw (amw) wrote,

Pleasures meme

I have been busy with work. The commute is long and exhausting too. The weather is very hot. We had a tropical storm that blew over some trees and left me soaked, biking the city streets alone. The only pleasures i feel i have time for these days is simple ones. I took this from sweetmeow.

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most, then pick ten people to do the same. (I'm not going to tag anyone. Just do it if ... it's your pleasure!!)

1. Getting up slowly. On work days i usually wake up when the sun rises (around 6), but don't get out of bed till the last possible minute (around 8:30). On weekends and when i am off work i tend to stay in bed till the afternoon, just dozing or idly reading the news.

2. Bubble tea. When i lived in Melbourne my fave was coconut water with coconut and pearl sago. Lately i have been getting passion fruit green tea with coconut and grass jelly. It's cool and sweet and chewy and the sensation of boba shooting through the straw satisfies me at some primal level.

3. Coffee. At work we have an espresso machine, which is fine, but what i really love is pouring hot water into a French press and then going back into bed for that lazy morning. It's mealy and bitter and gives me a tiny legal speedy push. I'm always a little sad when i finish the last cup.

4. Being naked. I am not really one for public nakedness, but unless it's very cold i tend to be naked at home. Clothes annoy me.

5. Gliding down a slight hill on a bike. Steep hills aren't as good because you need to think about braking, but cresting an incline and coasting quietly down? It's like suddenly life switches to easy mode.

6. Wrestling. I love it. The silliness of it all makes it feel unpretentious. It's something that can entertain no matter what.

7. The feeling when i get to the top of a mountain path and sit on a rock looking back at the view, imagining i could soar off the cliff and leave it all behind.

8. The sound of a TB-303 synthesizer. It is simply perfect, the most beautiful sound that could ever exist. When i hear the 303 absolutely everything else disappears.

9. Walking around aimlessly at night, preferably along streets i have never been before. The lights, the shadows, the reflections, the anonymity... I can forget about my real life. I hunt that flash of déjà vu, becoming a teenager again when everything was new.

10. Dancing. God, i miss dancing. When the song is just right and the place is filled with smoke and a strobe is flashing and the only things that exist are sweat and bass drums and a loop that never lets up... It's transcendental.

I thought about including alcohol - it's much cheaper than bubble tea - but now that i am old and get hangovers it's not as simple of a pleasure as it used to be.
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