amw (amw) wrote,

the clown car rides again

Yesterday was Mid Autumn Festival aka Mooncake Day in China. I had the day off work, and when i woke up the Democratic Party primary debate was happening so i decided to tune in.

I only caught the end of a fairly long session. It was tedious. Warren came across well to me. She's smart and humble. I agree with a lot of what Sanders says, but the way he says it grates with me. Like many of the other candidates, he comes across as arrogant and not very mindful of context. Biden rambles almost as bad as Trump, i have no idea what anyone sees in him.

I think i could sit down and have a beer with Warren. We would get drunk and talk about how we would save the world. She seems authentic in a way the other candidates do not. Then again, i thought i could sit down and have a beer with Clinton too, whereas a significant chunk of America bought the idea that she was a big ol' fake, so perhaps i am living in a bubble.

It was after the debate ended that i realized exactly what kind of bubbles were floating around out there.

I left the ABC News stream going in the background while i did some other stuff online and Lord almighty, television news is the absolute worst. I forget because i so rarely watch it, but they treat the viewers like utter morons. They repeat the same vapid talking points over and over and over. It seems like the whole mechanism for communication is 5 minutes of advertisements, then 5 minutes of sensationalist headlines, then 5 minutes of opinionated fluff, then 5 minutes of advertisements again. It's kind of hypnotic, but it makes you dumber the longer you listen to it. Nothing is ever discussed in depth, and they never talk to anyone who has a serious background in whatever the topic is, it's all hot takes. I can't imagine anyone watching this stuff comes away more informed than they were before they switched on the TV.

Although, come to think of it, i feel the same way about most podcasts and vloggers too. It's like the sum total of what they have to say on a topic is about one sentence long, but they take the longest possible route to spit it out. Hours of people's lives get hoovered up by these witless punks who leisurely recap the opening paragraphs of wiki pages without ever reading through to the end. It's such an inefficient way to communicate.

Maybe it is me in the bubble, though, since everyone i know swears by podcasts and constantly shares links to "informative" videos. I tend to file them away, then never get around to them because it feels like too much time investment for too little gain. Meanwhile i keep reading the papers and wiki pages (all the way to the bottom) and occasionally even ye olde blogge.

Also i watch professional wrestling, which is clearly an excellent use of my free time.
Tags: news, politics

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