amw (amw) wrote,

desert winds

When you live in a sub-tropical climate, you get used to humidity. It's never particularly comfortable - for at least 6 months of the year you will be covered in a sheen of sweat - but it is what it is. You will have mold and cockroaches in your house. You will get dumped on by a sudden storm. It will be just as hot at midnight as it was at high noon. Wearing clothes is miserable. There might be a typhoon. Life goes on.

I can't remember if this happened when i lived in a similar climate in Brisbane, but here in Shenzhen something changes around October. Somewhere after mid-autumn festival it's like a switch gets clicked and suddenly the place feels brisk.

It's still 30 degrees, mind you. It's just that the humidity drops below 50% and there is slight chill when it blows. I haven't even gone outside this weekend, but just with the window open my skin feels dehydrated.

Walking over to the bathroom feels like a trek through the Sahara.

When i lived in Melbourne the weather was hot and dry. Berlin too, although Berlin has a lot more cold days than Melbourne. In those places i didn't notice the desert winds, i noticed the sultry days.

I like it when the weather changes. It's one reason why i avoid air conditioning and central heating. Sealing yourself into a hermetic cube of blandness feels like it takes away one of the things that can make life under capitalism interesting. Office work is tedious and exhausting. Same shit every day. Can't go anywhere because have to be back in the office on Monday. Can't even move to a different neighborhood in the same city because rental contracts have minimum periods. But the one moment of novelty we all get for free is that moment when the weather changes. Until we get used the new normal. But - for a brief moment - life isn't a bore.
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