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Hello my name is amw. I have absolutely no idea what is happening in the world. Why? Because a bunch of fascists decided that one week ahead of National Day, nobody in China should get any news from anywhere else in the world, period. Not only is a huge chunk of the internet blocked, but VPNs are blocked too. Everything is blocked. The internet is barely an internet. It's barely even a tiny slice of internet. It's a nanonet. It's a piconet. I am so fucking pissed off.

One amusing thing i saw a couple of days ago, but i cannot share with you because the entire fucking internet is blocked, was a YouTube recording of a CCTV program where some bootlickers showed a graph of GDP sitting at zero from 1949 till the Deng era when it started edging up. Then it explodes in the Xi era. Some unknown woman called in and spent 18 minutes (!) giving the host an earful about what kind of nonsense it was to imply that China had zero development through the Mao era. I only heard 3 minutes of the diatribe before the tyrannical despots shut down my VPN for good, but it sounded like the host had no idea how to deal with someone bluntly calling out the sycophancy of erasing every national achievement that came before Xi.

Yes, plenty of Chinese also think the current regime is ridiculous.

I am so angry at the utter fucking trash fire that is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This latest censorship push is so heavy-handed that even domestic journalists complained about it. The formal response was basically: "fuck you, personal VPNs are illegal anyway". No, 工信部, fuck you. If this is some attempt to try to get people to 爱国 (love country) ahead of National Day, it failed.

If i could get on the real internet, i would link to the article from about a month ago when the government decided to ban all entertaining shows for 100 days. Oh wait, here it is:

I guess this rant has at least led me to discover that MSN is not blocked. Not that i would really call tabloid syndication "news", but beggars can't be choosers.

Anyone who wonders why the kids in Hong Kong are still burning the Five Star Red Flag, yeah this is why. Amongst other things, they understandably don't want to have to go through this sort of nonsense every time the cadres start feeling a little insecure.

Can't wait for this garbage fucking holiday to be over.
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