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police brutality continues, news at 11

The school kid who was shot in the chest by a police officer on National Day is being charged with one count of rioting and two counts of assault. He is under armed guard and still in the hospital. The shooter is being charged with nothing.

The journalist who got shot in the face by a police officer last week has lost an eye. The police are all like "oh we don't know what happened, coulda been anything, can't even prove it was us". Same police who have been firing rubber bullets and bean bag rounds at journalists every weekend for the last 4 months.

Now the government seems like they are about to enact a ban on masks in public places, which takes away the only protection people have against the clouds of tear gas being shot at them almost every night.

The mainland media and every trash politician in Hong Kong are saying that all the violence is justified. There are no apologies. There is no remorse.

It reminds me of one of the most disgusting televised episodes in recent years, where a bunch of bloodthirsty American cops remote-controlled a fucking IED into a parking garage to murder a suspect. Who's the fucking terrorist here? It's completely out of control. The police are supposed to be better than the criminals. They're supposed to arrest people, not fucking kill them.

On National Day alone the Hong Kong police put over 100 people into the hospital and arrested hundreds more. Meanwhile they share photos on social media of grazed knees and fat lips to drum up pity for their hard work and sacrifice. Jesus Christ, these motherfuckers are wearing body armor and carrying fucking guns, plus they have the full support of an authoritarian regime that controls the world's biggest army. Nah, sorry i'm not going to feel bad if they scraped their knuckles while beating up school children armed with sticks and pool floats.

I just can't escape it, you know. Everywhere i go in the world, the police are utter scumbags. The only way to avoid it is to ignore everything that happens around me, just close my eyes and block my ears and imagine the real world is some kind of cheezy procedural fantasy where cops are actually honorable and decent.

Last night i started watching Anne with an E, aka Anne of Green Gables. Now that's an escapist fantasy if ever there was one. It's charming enough it deserves its own entry, though, so maybe i will write again tomorrow.
Tags: news, protest

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