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Today, white collar workers came out to protest on their lunch break over the anti-mask law that Carrie Lam was rumored to be enacting without any debate.

At 3pm she made the announcement that the decision had been made and the new regulation would go into force at midnight.

It seems Hongkongers were pretty pissed about that, so they started striking back where they could. Targets for vandalism included Chinese state-owned banks and travel agencies, plus the MTR (metro) which capitulated to the regime in recent weeks by stopping service to aid in police arrests. There were also some scuffles with cops.

Friends, tonight in one of those scuffles a 14-year-old child was shot. The police spent 3 hours pretending like nothing had happened, then the news started to leak out that... well there was a cop, and he did happen to be in the same general vicinity where the kid was shot, and maybe he fired his gun, but you know we can't prove any connection between him maybe shooting his gun and the kid getting shot. And anyway, the magazine was mysteriously lost, so it's not clear how many shots were fired. Or if any shots were fired!

Could you be any more fucking shady?

Meanwhile they released a video of someone throwing a molotov at said cop, presumably to try build a case for why he maybe fired his gun. I mean, how can anyone tell if the molotov came before or after the cop didn't shoot the 14-year-old who got shot? It's chaos out there! Who knows how many people in the neighborhood had guns?

Oh wait, this isn't America. The answer is no one. No one had guns except the cops.

Hey, take this all with a grain of salt. It's after 1am. Reporting is sketchy. The story is developing. The truth won't shake out till tomorrow, if at all. I'm sure the government will sort out their narrative by then. Terrorists on the streets. Anarchy. Just look at all the fires burning. The cops are just trying to protect local business owners.

Oh, hilariously, Li Ka-shing decided to do his part by giving a billion (HK) dollar bail-out to... business owners who have lost revenue from the protests. The bourgeoisie bailing out the bourgeoisie. Is it any wonder people are pissed? What a fucking joke.

In my own personal life today... well i tried to go out and take a stroll along the new river walk and a hike up Tanglang Mountain... and i was interrupted every 20 minutes with a fucking page from work, because i am on-call this week. The last page came in about half an hour ago. So, yeah, haven't exactly had the rest i was looking for.

Also i've been sick since the first day of the holidays, so i am grumpy. Can you tell?
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